Ronaldo said, “Messi, if you didn’t win the World Cup…

Ronaldo said, “Messi, if you didn’t win the World Cup…He will understand.”


Brazilian soccer legend Ronaldo does not want Lionel Messi (Argentina) to win the World Cup.

“Argentina doesn’t have to think about winning the World Cup,” Ronaldo told British media The Guardian on the 22nd.

Asked if he wanted Messi to win the World Cup, he replied, “If Messi is a Spanish national (yes).”

“Brazil and Argentina have a great sense of competition,” he said. “Messi is worth winning the World Cup, but I don’t want that.”

He also said, “I like Messi, but he will understand me.”

Brazil and Argentina are long-time football rivals in South America.

Ronaldo cannot even say he wants Messi to win the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup next month.

Messi, 35, announced his retirement from the national soccer team at the end of this World Cup.

He has lifted many championship cups in his career, including Copa America, but has yet to win on the World Cup stage.

His best performance was to finish second at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Brazil’s former footballer, president of Real Valladolid CF and owner of Cruzeiro EC.

He has won five international tournaments, including two World Cups, two Ballon d’Or titles, and three FIFA Player of the Year titles through Barcelona, Inter and Real Madrid.

As a typical center forward, a player with a solid physique of 183cm ran as fast as Kaka, played footwork like Ronaldinho, and made a reckless dribble like Maradona, even hitting an accurate shot like Van Basten.

Simply put, it’s incredibly fast, but it dribbles incredibly well, shoots incredibly well, and has incredible physicality.

And most of all, he was good at instantly breaking the offside line by taking advantage of his overwhelmingly fast main power and ball control, which are his biggest strengths.

Despite being a striker, one of his strengths is his phenomenal ability to dribble past defenders with his amazing footwork. 토토사이트

Even after his skills fell significantly due to injuries and self-management problems, he showed excellent goal-determining ability to score eight goals by hitting 28 shots in seven games at the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup.

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