“Rumors of breaking up with Cho Ye-young” Han Jung-min

“Rumors of breaking up with Cho Ye-young” Han Jung-min, “I’m going to coin karaoke alone on the weekend”…Was it the fact that they broke up?

“Do you relieve the pain of parting with a song?””

Han Jung-min

MBN’s ‘Doll Singles 3’ Han Jung-min posted on his personal account on the 1st, “I want to go to karaoke.” “I’m going to coin karaoke alone on the weekend,” he said, releasing a photo of him sitting alone in a coin karaoke room.

“Honkono” means going to a coin karaoke room alone.

Han Jung-min, who had been dating Cho Ye-young, who had met in “Doll Singles 3,” has recently been showing signs of a breakup, making fans feel sorry. They announced that they plan to remarry this year and showed high-level physical contact on the broadcast, drawing attention as a so-called “19-gold couple.”

However, they recently deleted all of each other’s photos on SNS, and Cho Ye-young said, “I cried a lot after eating well, taking good care of my health, and my mother’s words made me cry.” My mom is crying, too. My heart hurts more. I’m worried about my grown-up daughter. “I cried again,” he said, giving a hint of the breakup.

Han Jung-min also said, “I don’t get swayed or hurt no matter what I say. I’m a little stronger than I thought,” he wrote. However, it is known that the possibility of a reunion remains as they have not yet cut off each other’s followings.

Meanwhile, Han Jung-min is working as a robot operator, and Cho Ye-young is in charge of management support at her father’s company.

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