Russia approval rating plunged from 80% to 25%

Russia approval rating plunged from 80% to 25%


Analysts say public support for the Ukrainian war is falling sharply in Russia.

According to the Guardian on the 4th (local time), the British Ministry of Defense said in an intelligence report that “a recent poll showed only 25% support for war in Russia.”

The independent media Meduza, which reports Russian news in Latvia, said it had obtained the results of a recent secret poll conducted by the Russian Federal Protection Agency (FPS).

The FPS is responsible for the security of the Kremlin and the security of senior government officials.

In the FPS survey, 55 percent of respondents supported peace talks with Ukraine, while only 25 percent said they wanted to continue the war.

A recent poll conducted by the Levada Center, Russia’s top independent polling agency, was similar.

Fifty-three percent of the respondents supported peace talks and 41 percent supported the continuation of the war.

Compared to the 80% approval rating for the war in Ukraine in April, the opinion that the war should be ended seems to have increased significantly.

“Despite Russian authorities’ efforts to control information extensively, the war has become a reality for many Russians since the partial mobilization in September,” the British Defense Ministry said. “The Kremlin will find it increasingly difficult to maintain tacit support for the war as Russia is unlikely to succeed on major battlefields in a few months.”

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