Ryu Hyunkyung, the power of trust and treasure

Ryu Hyunkyung, the power of trust and treasure who is running across the screen and brown tube

Ryu Hyunkyung

In the movie “Fairy,” which was released on the 1st, Ryu Hyun-kyung is meeting with the audience as Yeong-ran, who is a popular cafe owner in the neighborhood and devoted to his beloved family.

“Fairy” is a work that tells the story of a couple who run a cafe in a neighborhood, Young-ran and Ho-cheol, who meet Seok (played by Kim Shin-bi) in an unexpected accident, and mysterious luck comes to their lives. Ryu Hyun-kyung naturally melts into the play like water, showing perfect character digestion, and doubles the sense of immersion in the play with realistic life acting, drawing a heated response from critics.

Ryu Hyun-kyung’s acting skills, which realistically depicts the couple’s subtle psychological warfare and conflict, in which the profits of the cafe are directly related to the family’s hierarchy, are one of the indispensable viewing points of “fairy.” He clearly shows the power of an actor who is good at acting by solving Young-ran’s complex psychology, internal conflicts, and emotions that cannot be welcomed by her husband’s victory in three dimensions and detail.

In addition, Ryu Hyunkyung made up with Ho-cheol while quarreling with him, adding to the fun of convincingly expressing the realistic and pleasant couple chemistry as well as the process of getting closer to an unidentified young man Seok.

Ryu Hyunkyung, who shows the screen as an ordinary and special fantasy in everyday life and paints it with warm and warm healing, is acting as Ji-young, deputy director of Yeonhee University’s student affairs, in SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Cheer Up.” Ji-young in the drama looks as accurate and cold as a knife, but it turns out that she is a former member of Yeonhee University’s cheering squad Thea and is a reliable supporter who cares and helps the cheering squad more than anyone else.

He boasts extraordinary teamwork between seniors and juniors in harmony with the members of Thea, and is loved by the small screen by showing a tight love line with the hero (played by Yang Dong-geun), who was a former cheering squad colleague. In particular, it is receiving great response by lovingly portraying Ji-young, who is confident and relentless in front of love.

Meanwhile, Ryu Hyunkyung, who is actively acting in movies and dramas, is expected to continue working hard in the original Disney+ series Casino, which will be released on the 21st, as she holds the secret of promising lawmaker Kim Hye-joo (played by Park Hee-soon) in the SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Trolley.”

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