Seasonal cucumber, good reason to eat it

Seasonal cucumber, good reason to eat it


Cucumber is in season. It’s delicious even if you put it in the salad.

Pick a cucumber that is not too thick and has a long shape. The stem must be fresh and the flesh must be firm. When storing it, roll it around one by one with newspaper and put it in the refrigerator.

At this time, if you keep the tip up, you can leave it for up to 10 days. Where Is Cucumber Good? It is introduced by “It’s Not That” in the U.S.

◆ Blood glucose = To prevent diabetes, it is better to make a diet centered on foods with low glycemic index (GI). The blood sugar index is the rate at which blood sugar rises after eating a certain amount of food. If the blood sugar index is below 55, it is said to be a low blood sugar food, but the blood sugar index of cucumbers is only 15.

◆ Weight = If you eat one cucumber, you can take more than half of the vitamin K you need a day. Cucumber is also rich in dietary fiber along with magnesium and potassium. On the other hand, it helps you control your weight because it is low in calories. It’s better to wash cucumbers and eat them even with the skin. This is because dietary fiber is usually contained in the shell.

◆ It is no coincidence that cosmetics containing cucumbers such as skin = soap and packs are released. Cucumber juice hydrates the skin and soothes the angry skin. In other words, if you grind or slice cucumbers when you get sunburn, the heat cools and the erythema subsides.

◆ Moisture = 60% of our body is water. Water plays an important role in controlling body temperature, maintaining blood pressure, transporting oxygen, and removing waste. As the temperature rises, the amount of sweat discharged increases, so water intake is more important. something to eat cucumbers According to the study, 95 percent of cucumbers are water. If you eat 120g of cucumbers, you can get the effect of drinking 114g of water.

◆ Constipation = According to researchers at Zadabpur University in India, seeds that are dense in cucumbers have the effect of preventing constipation. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania in the U.S. also confirmed that cucumbers relieve constipation. It is thanks to moisture and fiber abundance.

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