Seibu breaks up with Smith from “Hope to Start”…

Seibu breaks up with Smith from “Hope to Start”…

Seibu Birch Smith

The Seibu Lions in Japan’s professional baseball league have decided not to renew their contract with foreign pitcher Birch Smith (32).

According to a report by the Japanese sports media “West Japan Sports” on November 30, Seibu reportedly notified Smith of his refusal to renew his contract.

Smith, who made his debut in Japan this season, went back and forth between the starting lineup and the middle, leaving a 3.29 ERA with one win and one save in 20 games.

The Seibu club negotiated a renewal of the contract on the premise that Smith could also be used as an intermediate pitching agent, but Smith strongly hoped to play as a starter, so the renewal broke down.

“Smith seems to be waiting for offers in the U.S. and other countries in the future,” West Japan Sports said.

Smith made his big league debut for San Diego in 2013, playing for the Kansas City Royals, Milwaukee Brewers, San Francisco Giants, and Oakland Athletics.

He pitched in 102 games in the Major League, recording 5 wins, 11 losses, and 1 save and an ERA of 6.03.

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