Shim Eunwoo is too late to turn a blind eye to the public

Shim Eunwoo is too late to turn a blind eye to the public

Shim Eunwoo

Actress Shim Eun-woo, who was shunned by the public due to the “Iljin school violence controversy,” expressed her pledge to “prove it with a good work.”

On the afternoon of the 17th, the premiere and meeting of the movie “Seire” were held at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall in Seoul. Director Park Kang and actors Seo Hyun-woo, Ryuabel and Shim Eun-woo attended the scene.

Shim Eunwoo said, “It’s been a long time since I said hello. To tell you how we feel about the release, all of us, actors, staff, and directors, all thought about one work and filmed it. “I’m glad that the movie was released and it was an opportunity for more people to see it,” he said.

“You have given me a lot of interest and love, which is very lacking, and I had a lot of worries about how to repay you. I’m just grateful to be able to greet you with my work. “I’m grateful to the team that took this opportunity to work with me,” he confessed.

Shim Eunwoo said, “In the future, we have no choice but to try to prove it as a good work as a better person and a better actor and show good performance. I’ll show you a good performance,” he added.

The controversy over Shim Eun-woo’s school violence erupted in March last year. A netizen who attended the same middle school as Shim Eun-woo revealed that he even transferred to the school, claiming that “systematic bullying and bullying caused his mother to pick him up by car and pick him up on the bus.”

As additional witnesses’ revelations continued despite the agency’s false rebuttal, Shim Eun-woo bowed his head, saying, “I knew that my heart was deeply hurt by my immature words and actions during my school days,” adding, “I sincerely apologize to my friend now.” 파워볼게임

Meanwhile, “Seire” (directed by Park Kang) depicts strange things that happen after Woo-jin (played by Seo Hyun-woo), the father of a baby less than 21 days old, breaks the taboo of Seire, who has to block outside access and watch out for unclean things, and visits the funeral of her past lover Se-young (played by Liu Abel). Released on the 24th.

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