Shohei Ohtani, another cartoon-like record.

Shohei Ohtani, another cartoon-like record.

Shohei Ohtani

There is a pattern in Shohei Ohtani’s ‘comic baseball’. In his last seven wins, he must strike out the last batter. It is common for batters to get used to the starting pitcher’s ball as the game goes back, and strikeouts decrease, but Ohtani was different. As if I knew this batter was my last opponent and threw it, I struck out and roared.

▶ Ohtani’s last 7 wins and last out
5.6 Boston 7th Trevor Story Strikes Out swinging
6.10 Boston 7th inning Jonathan Araus strikeout
6.17 Seattle Strikes Out Carly Lally Fails in 6th inning
6.23 Kansas City Episode 8 Emmanuel Rivera Strikes Out
6.30 White Sox 5th inning with 1 out and Gavin sheet swinging strikeout
7.7 Miami 7th inning Nick Portes strikes out swinging
7.14 Houston 6th inning JJ Matievich strikes out

The Athletic of the U.S. paid attention to Ohtani’s special ability as a “game losing streak stopper” on the 16th (Korea Standard Time). Shohei Ohtani recorded four hits, 12 strikeouts and one run in six innings against Houston on the 14th, the last appearance of the first half, and achieved six consecutive individual wins and nine wins of the season.

The media said, “Otani doesn’t do a lot of interviews The choice of words is prudent. But the quiet, humble superstar reveals himself with body language. He talks with his expression, sometimes clenched his fists and shows his emotions,” Otani explained.

The last time Ohtani clenched his fist was at the end of the sixth inning against Houston on the 14th. He threw his 105th ball that struck out Matijevic and roared with his fist. The Athletic is not a common scene. Ohtani knows his pitch is at the end of the last seven victories. He struck out the last batter and finished the inning,” he wrote.

ohtani said, “I write down the number of pitches in the middle of the inning. This batter is the last one to throw. The best thing is to swing and miss. Because that’s not gonna happen. That’s my goal. “I throw it to induce a swing,” he said. The Athletic admired the record, saying, “Ohtani knows how to finish his pitch splendidly when he reaches the limit on the mound.”

Even the speed of restraint increases. On June 10, when the Angels lost 14 games in a row, the ball struck out Araus in a game against Boston was a 91.2-mile splitter per hour splitter. It was two miles faster than the season’s average splitter speed. In the game against Seattle on June 17, the last ball was a 92.2 mph fastball, his second fastest ball in the game.

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