Singer Byul made a comeback after a long time! Startrail’s..

Singer Byul made a comeback after a long time! Startrail’s track list released… Double title confirmed.

Singer Byul

Singer Byul heralded her return as an emotional newbie.

On the 2nd, Kwan Entertainment released a track list image of Star’s sixth full-length album “Startrail” on its official SNS.

According to the tracklist, “Startrail” included a total of 10 songs, including double title songs “Afternoon” and “You’re,” “Moon,” “Song,” “Imagine” (Feat. George), “I Don’t Know,” “Night Like This,” “Relaxed,” “Age” and “Me Back then.”

The main title song is “Afternoon,” which contains the speaker’s longing for his past love, which still remains in time after the breakup. Young-joon of Brown Eyed Soul and composer Jeon Hong-joon jointly wrote and composed the song, and participated in the chorus to provide a warmer and richer sound.

In particular, George’s participation in the album “Imagine” is adding to expectations, and HaHa’s EP “Blank” song “I Don’t Know” released in 2021 is included as a new arrangement, raising curiosity.

Earlier, singer Byul released a second concept photo with dreamy visuals following the first concept photo featuring an alluring atmosphere, raising expectations for a comeback.

In addition, through the lyric posters of “Afternoon” and “You’re,” he showed his unique sensibility by releasing some lyrics such as “One day when the afternoon is longer, I will probably think of you again / As the day busily goes by, I will fall asleep as if I forgot you.”

Singer Byul’s sixth full-length album “Startrail,” which will be released in 14 years, captures the trajectory of the past 20 years she has drawn and the trajectory to be drawn in the future. Pre-orders for “Startrail” began on the 3rd through online album sales sites, and the official music will be released on various music sites at 6 p.m. on the 11th.

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