Singer Chung Ha. “Gift diamond ring to dancers”

Singer Chung Ha. “Gift diamond ring to dancers”

Chung Ha

Singer Chung Ha confessed that she is a big fan of the group ITZY and solo singer Taeyeon.

Chung Ha appeared on MBC FM4U’s “Noon Hope Song Kim Shin-young,” which aired on July 18, and met with DJ Kim Shin-young.

Chung Ha has been working as the title song Sparkling after releasing her second full-length album “Bare & Rare Pt.1” (Bare & Rare Part One) on July 11. Chung Ha tells the inside story of human Chung Ha for the first time since her debut. He participated in writing and producing all eight songs and worked hard to organize an album for listening music, not watching music.

In response, Chungha said, “This time, I felt like my bulletproof vest was taken off.” Following the first part album, the company said it will release a second part album in the future.

He also expressed deep affection for ITZY, the group that recently filmed the choreography challenge video for the new song. Chung Ha said, “I love and like you so much, too,” adding, “I was so happy to hear that the activities overlapped.”

“Yesterday, I wrote down my number and gently delivered it to Yeji. I just got in touch with him. Yeji, let’s eat together. I love you,” he said. “I’m listening to your new song ‘SNEAKERS’ (Sneakers) in real-time, so I hope you take care of your health and work hard.” I’ll call you later. I love you, ITZY,” hehe added.

In the balance game, Kim Shin-young asked, “If you renew your contract for advertising, would you like to have soju vs. sparkling?” Chung Ha promoted the title of the new song, saying, “We should go sparkling.”

In response, Kim Shin-young said, “Chung Ha has finally become a celebrity. I had to introduce my song and promote it, but I was so frustrated because he kept giving it up to the people next to me.” Chung-ha laughed, saying, “But I guess I’m better off because my sister is more familiar with it and we keep in touch.”

Chung Ha recently made headlines for giving diamond rings to dancers who shine on her stage together. Kim Shin-young asked, “I custom-made and presented the dancers with a dial ring, which is only 10 in the world.”

Chung-ha said, “It’s not just a diamond, but the one in the middle is a diamond and the rest are colorful cubics. The person who customized it was also a dancer who always worked with me. My sister is married and she works there. That’s why I did it,” he explained.

She added, “I’m proud that my sisters like it so much.”

Following ITZY, he also made a public confession to Taeyeon, a senior musician. Chung Ha said, “I’ve loved Taeyeon since a long time ago. In fact, I never expressed it because I was afraid that it would be burdensome if I expressed my fan spirit too much,” he said. 안전놀이터

Kim Shin-young said, “Tae-yeon likes to express things.” Chung Ha said, “I bought the album myself. I have my first album, and I bought a recent one and got an autograph. I love you so much,” he added.

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