Singer Young-tak. I’m back from Indonesia.

Singer Young-tak. I’m back from Indonesia.

Singer Young-tak revealed his daily life in Indonesia.

On the 24th, a video titled “Samjon Youngdak’s Indonesian Vlog vol.1” was uploaded on Youngtak’s official YouTube channel, “Youngtak’s Suddenly TV.”

Singer Young-tak

In the video, it says, “I love you. It shows Young-tak leaving for Jakarta, Indonesia, for the 2022′ performance in Indonesia, and Young-tak, who has a packed schedule until the day after his arrival, in the form of a V-log.

After leaving the country full of excitement at a foreign performance after a long time, he looked as if he was a stranger to the security of local police from Jakarta airport and local fans calling him “Uncle Young-tak” asking for autographs.

Young-tak’s schedule on this day made five local media outlets ask for interviews, including appearances on talk shows at broadcasting stations, interviews with media outlets, and rehearsals for performances, suggesting how popular Young-tak is in Indonesia.

Young-tak, who appeared on TRANS TV’s BROWNIS TV talk show, Indonesia’s largest broadcasting station, led the laughter-filled atmosphere throughout with his unique excitement, talent, and passionate singing of “Jjinya.”

In addition, he complete the tight schedule by slowly finishing the interview, changing different costumes and answering the pouring questions.

Meanwhile, singer Young-tak is currently filming the JTBC drama “Strong Woman Gangnam-soon,” which is scheduled to air in the first half of this year, and is expected to show a new transformation as an actor.

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