Song Hye-kyo of “The Glory” topped the K-content cast…

Song Hye-kyo of “The Glory” topped the K-content cast category for the second consecutive week.

Actor Song Hye-kyo topped the K-content cast category for two consecutive weeks.

Song Hye-kyo of Netflix’s original “The Glory” won the top in a survey of K-content performers released by Good Data Corporation, an organization specializing in K-content competitiveness analysis. The survey was conducted on 1956 cast members who appeared in TV and OTT dramas/series and non-drama/SHOW.

Song Hye-kyo

Song Hye-kyo topped the survey for the second consecutive week in January. It was found that 4.93% of the total buzz that occurred through all the performers was directed at Song Hye-kyo. Actor Lim Ji-yeon, who starred in the same work, was ranked second with 2.09 percentage points. Since then, Choi Min-sik, the main character of Disney+’s “Casino,” has taken third place with 1.78% points.

In fourth place, actress Kim Hye-ja, who appeared on tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block,” scored 1.26 percent points, making her the only TV non-drama to enter the op20. Four original OTT performers from the first to the fifth place, including Kim Nam-gil, the lead role of Tving “Ireland,” were listed. In Voice of Netizen (VON), Song Hye-kyo took the lead, while Choi Min-sik took the first place in the video clip response category. Won Soon-woo, CEO of Good Data Corporation, analyzed, “The Casino, which is released once a week, worked in an advantageous way in terms of video buzz than The Glory, which was released collectively as new clips were uploaded.”

In sixth and seventh place, Jeong Kyung-luxury Jeon Do-yeon, the main character of tvN’s weekend drama “One Hit Scandal,” which ranked first in the TV hot topic category, scored 1.16 percentage points and 1.14 percentage points, respectively. After that, SBS Friday-Saturday drama “Bukjean” Lee Sun-kyun, “The Glory” Jung Sung-il, and JTBC weekend drama “Agent” Lee Bo-young were the main characters. In addition, Dex and Shin Seul-gi of Netflix’s original “Solo Hell 2” ranked 19th and 20th, respectively, among the top 20 OTT SHOW program participants.

The ranking, announced on January 16 by GoodData Corporation, a K-content competitiveness analysis agency, was based on 1,956 people who appeared in a total of 209 K-content, including 18 TV dramas, 169 TV non-drama, 11 OTT drama original series, and 11 OTT SHOW original, which were broadcasted from January 9 to January 15.

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