Song Min-kyung, “Comeback on the 4th,” released the teaser..

Song Min-kyung, “Comeback on the 4th,” released the teaser for “Big Thing is Coming”…the pure and innocent charm of pure white.

Singer and actor Song Min-kyung showed her pure white charm.

Song Min-kyung

The agency Atsuroiente released a teaser image of Song Min-kyung’s “Big Coming” on its official SNS channel at midnight on the 1st.

In the image of pure white attractive visuals, Song Min-kyung boldly took off her existing image and gave off a bright charm with a pure yet chic mood as if announcing a splendid start in 2023.

In particular, Song Min-kyung’s stylish and sophisticated visuals, wearing a white see-through blouse and colorful accessories, created a fresh and cozy atmosphere that forgot the sense of the season.

Like the title of the new song “Big Things are Coming,” expectations are also mounting for what kind of fresh story to write in the future, like the eyes full of Song Min-kyung’s strong will to make a comeback in the bright new year in 2023.

Meanwhile, Song Minkyung will officially release her new song “Big Coming” on the 4th and perform various activities.

Even as a singer, Song Minkyung… I released a lot of songs and especially OST albums for dramas. His voice is so nice. It received a lot of love. He has been active as an actor and has shown a lot of activities. To the fans… I received a lot of love. Even now, I am continuously doing activities.

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