“Songdo Mom” Hyun-young, daughter and son’s tuition is 600..

“Songdo Mom” Hyun-young, daughter and son’s tuition is 600 million won.Working Mom’s New Year’s Resolution. “I’ll do my best in 2023”


Broadcaster Hyun-young shared her daily life.

Hyun Young said on the 2nd, “Everyone, I came out to do my first schedule for the new year. I’ll do well in 2023,” he posted a photo with an article. He added, “I’m in harmony with our manager Jeon Hyun-moo. Let’s do well, Min-seok~~~~~~~~~~ Let’s burn it up at Mr. Trot today.”

Hyun-young said, “Let’s cheer up and have a great New Year! He said. The released photo shows Hyun-young. Hyun-young is eating breakfast in the waiting room before her schedule.

Hyun-young married a non-celebrity in the financial industry in 2012 and has a daughter and a son.

Hyun-young’s Hal-dong, a former SBS supermodel contest, began his career in the late 90s and is famous for his unique high-toned voice mixed with nasal sounds.

He dominated the entertainment industry in the mid to late 2000s with his sexy body, cute appearance, unique voice, and outstanding entertainment, and was the main host of Kim Yong-man and Section TV Entertainment News for four to five years, working in various fields such as entertainment, movies, dramas, and music, and appearing in many commercials. At that time, no matter which channel I turned on, entertainment programs almost certainly occupied an important position.

In the spring of 2012, he married a man who was born in 1972 four years older than him, and later gave birth to his daughter Choi Dae-eun on August 16, 2012 and Choi Tae-hyuk on December 10, 2017.

After the propofol situation described below has eased, it is mainly active in the full-length/cable program.

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