Spotify 2nd Anniversary of Entering Korea…India is the most visited

Spotify 2nd Anniversary of Entering Korea…India is the most visited country of K-pop hubs.

India was the country that visited the world’s largest music streaming platform Spotify’s K-pop introduction corner “K-pop Hub” the most.


Spotify released such data on the 2nd to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of its entry into Korea.

Indonesia, the United States, Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, and Taiwan were the countries that visited the K-pop hub the most last year, following India.

The most streamed playlist on the K-pop hub was “K-Pop ON!” which recorded more than 700 million cases last year. This is an increase of 65% from before Spotify entered Korea. “K-Pop On” is a playlist of popular K-pop songs and has more than 4.5 million followers.

In addition, playlists such as “Korean OSTs” (more than 1.4 million people), “Trenchill K-R&B” (more than 820,000 people), and “In the K-Indie” (more than 420,000 people) are gaining popularity in K-pop hubs, Spotify introduced.

The number of Korean singers registered on Spotify’s artist (singer) platform “Spotify for Artist” (S4A) increased by 75% compared to before entering Korea. The number of “Canvas” (short-length visual content uploaded by singers) posted by these singers increased by 493% over the same period.

Spotify also promoted Nmix and Sol with the new singer support program “Radar Korea,” and also introduced the hip-hop rising star support program “K Hip-hop Rookies.” He also promoted Black Pink and Newzins at FC Barcelona’s home stadium ‘Spotify Camp Nou’. Spotify also launched a podcast service in Korea in October last year.

Park Sang-wook, managing director of Spotify Korea, said, “Spotify’s journey is still in its early stages in Korea, the birthplace of K-pop with global impact and has various cultural contents. We will continue to try to connect Korean music and culture with listeners around the world as a helper of domestic artists and creators.”

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