Spread of ‘boundary for inbound travelers from China..

Spread of ‘boundary for inbound travelers from China’‥Review of ‘PCR confirmation’


Countries around the world are locking up again as China lifts restrictions on entry amid a surge in the number of COVID-19 confirmed cases.

The Korean government is considering requiring the submission of a voice confirmation or conducting a full test.

A hospital in Beijing, China.

There are so many COVID-19 patients that there is no place to sit in the waiting room.

The epidemic is spreading to local cities and rural areas, but Chinese authorities have declared the lifting of quarantine measures.

From the 8th of next month, quarantine measures for inbound travelers will disappear, and overseas exchanges are expected to begin in earnest.

The problem is that the worst epidemic that China is experiencing could affect Korea.

[Lim Sook-young / Head of the Central Disease Control Headquarters]
“Wouldn’t it be more frequent to enter and leave the country from China?”‥The increase in travelers to Korea or the increase in the number of confirmed cases is predicted.”

Currently, there are 65 flights per week between our country and China, less than 10% before COVID-19.

However, the proportion of Chinese arrivals among the confirmed cases of overseas inflow this month was 14.2%, up sharply from 1.1% last month.

In preparation for the increase in the number of people entering China, the quarantine authorities are preparing measures to strengthen quarantine against them.

As a result of MBC’s coverage, it was found that the submission of PCR voice confirmation received 48 hours before departure and the rapid antigen testing of all inbound travelers are strongly considered.

Japan and India have already mandated COVID-19 tests for Chinese arrivals, and the United States is also considering stricter regulations.

New mutations in China and the influx into the country are the most worrisome points.

After internal discussions, the government plans to announce measures related to Chinese immigrants on Friday.

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