Stark Remaster Ear Blizzard Returns to Diablo 2: Reservation

Stark Remaster Ear Blizzard Returns to Diablo 2: Reservation

Diablo 2: Reservation

The 2000s are considered the golden age of PC rooms. When you enter a PC room, which was a playground and a culture for gamers at the time, there was always something you could see as much as a full person, so it is a logitech “G1 mouse” that is not discontinued anymore.

Logitech G1 mice are talked about by gamers as memories. Although there may be a difference between a monitor, a body, a keyboard, and a headset, it was called the “national mouse” because it looked like a mouse everywhere.

In February 2021, 16 years after the launch of the G1 mouse, Logitech introduced a new wireless gaming mouse called “G PRO X SUPERLIGHT” based on the technology and know-how it has accumulated.

Logitech ‘G PRO X SUPERLIGHT’ implements accurate and detailed control with LIGHTSPEED, a next-generation wireless transmission and reception technology, and ultra-precise HERO 25K sensors. Despite its outstanding performance, it weighs only 63 grams. The lightest and fastest PRO mouse of all time is the hand of the world’s top professional gamers as well as the general gamer to perform their best skills.

Above all, it is significant that professional gamers participated in the mouse production process. It actively reflected the opinions of gamers so that they could play the best game from design to completion of the mouse, and the current high-performance mouse was born as it met Logitech’s outstanding technology. The GPRO X SUPERLIGHT is taking over the baton of the G1 mouse, making it the hands and feet of gamers.

In those days, the game that heated up gamers’ hearts comes back. Blizzard’s Diablo 2 is the main character that everyone knows by its name. In Korea alone, the total sales volume of more than 3 million were loved by gamers. Diablo 2: Reservation, which remastered Diablo 2 and the expansion pack “King of Destruction,” will be released worldwide on September 24.

Diablo 2: Reservation’ takes full advantage of the latest gaming hardware performance. It supports 7.1 stone secretary round audio with up to 4K resolution and full remaster, and 27 minutes of Cinematic video is also reproduced with high-resolution visuals, enabling clearer and more vivid play.

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