Stephen Chow age-sharp surfing skills

Stephen Chow age-sharp surfing skills

Stephen Chow

“Comedy King” Stephen Chow (64) is a hot topic for showing his surfing skills.

Chow, who recently opened an Instagram account and is communicating with fans, posted a short video on the 1st to share his recent status with fans.

Chow released the video with the message, “How can I jump higher, teach me?” Stephen Chow in the video is riding a board. Stephen Chow, who was leisurely riding the waves caused by the boat, drew attention by showing a high-level technique that even jumps.

After watching the video, Stephen’s fans responded by saying, “It’s amazing” and “It’s cool.”

Stephen has long maintained the top position in the Hong Kong comedy film industry, but has jumped into directing and production in the 2000s and created hit films such as “Janggang No. 7,” “Seo Yu-gi: The Beginning of Adventure,” and “Beautiful Man.”

In 2021, paparazzi caught him enjoying a date on a yacht with a 17-year-old minor from a beauty contest 42 years his junior, sparking rumors of a romantic relationship. Stephen Chow’s side explained that it was groundless, saying, “We are not close, and there were other people in the ship on the day the picture was taken.”

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