Stray Kids on winning first place on Billboard…

Stray Kids on winning first place on Billboard, “Humble and sincere children.”

Stray Kids

JYP chief Park Jin-young celebrated StrayKids’ No. 1 Billboard chart.

Park Jin-young said on his Instagram on the 19th, “The reason why these children sincerely celebrate when they produce these results is because of their humility and sincerity,” and added, “Stray Kids, who still have the scent of rookies, congratulations.” Of course, I know that STAY’s initial commitment is the same. Thank you.”

StrayKids topped the Billboard main album chart of the U.S. Billboard 200 (October 22) with their 7th mini-album “Maxident” on the 7th.

StrayKids will be the second to reach the top of the Billboard 200 after their previous work, “Audience.”

StrayKids is the second K-pop singer to top the Billboard 200 chart more than twice, following the group BTS.

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