Summer fruits that are good to eat with the skin. 3

Summer fruits that are good to eat with the skin. 3

Summer fruits

Fruits contain vitamins and other nutrients. When eating fruits, most people only eat pulp and throw away the skin, but surprisingly, the fruit peel contains a lot of nutrients that are good for the body, so it is good to eat it together. Here are three nutritious summer fruits on the skin.

Contains grape skin, resveratrol, and anthocyanin
Grapes are fruits rich in vitamins and minerals. “Lesveratrol” in the grape skin helps antioxidant and anti-cancer action, and also plays a role in improving fat metabolism. Antocyanine in grape shells is also known to have the effect of improving night blindness. When eating grape skin, wash it clean and eat it with pulp. It is also good to add grape jam, wine, and juice with pulp when making grape jam.

Antioxidant ingredient in melon, more abundant in skin
The antioxidant ingredient in the melon contains more ingredients in the shell than in the flesh. Oriental melon shells also have a high content of “flavonoids” to help prevent aging. Flavonoids also play a role in reducing cholesterol in blood vessels. When you eat melon skin, slice it thinly and eat it like a cucumber. Mixing it with green onions, red pepper paste, and vinegar to make and eat Korean melon skin salad is also a method. You can also eat it as a salad with lettuce.

Peach skin also has vitamin C
Vitamin C in peaches is contained in large amounts not only in pulp but also in the skin. Vitamin C improves immune function with antioxidant action. The peach skin is also rich in “beta carotene,” which is good for the skin, and is also helpful for eye health due to its high content of “lutein.” Wash the peach skin clean and eat the flesh together. If you feel repulsed by peach hair, eat a furless peach like a cheondo peach with the skin. It is also a way to boil the peach skin in water and make boiled meat and sugar.

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