SUPERBEE WAS DAMAGED IN A TAXI CAR ACCIDENT Overnight, “I think I’ve made up for it.”


Rapper Superbee was in a car accident while taking a taxi.

On January 17, SUPERBEE posted on his personal SNS, “Happy New Year 2023 I’m not hurt. Thank God. I will work harder in the future,” he posted photos and videos.

In the photo, the taxi Superbee was in was stopped after receiving a median strip. Traffic police have started to control the road, and Superbee, who was boarding as a passenger, has also been lowered to tell the situation. “Fortunately, I wasn’t hurt,” said Superbee. I think I’ve been through a lot to make it better. Everyone explained the situation positively, saying, “Don’t get into an accident like me and I caused it instead of you.” He then told the driver, “You shouldn’t drive drowsy either. Take a rest,” he said.

In an additional video released earlier, the article said, “There was a car accident. I hit the sidewalk block. “The tire is damaged and needs to be towed,” he was seen informing Superbee of the situation. “Then how am I going to get there?” said Superbee, “I’m so glad I’m wearing a belt.”

Fans who heard the news left comments such as “I’m glad you didn’t get hurt,” “Watch your condition just in case,” and “I think you must have been so surprised that you had a traffic accident at night.”

Meanwhile, SUPER-BEE appeared on Mnet’s rap competition program “Show Me the Money 4” in 2015 and raised awareness. He has since led the music label Young & Rich Records. Young & Rich Records includes UNEDUCATED KID, HOMIDLE, and Lil Kimchi.

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