Suzy, Adhesive Dress Extremely Attractive

Suzy, Adhesive Dress Extremely Attractive

Suzy Suzy

Suzy showed off her elegant beauty.

On the 8th, three photos of singer and actress Suzy were posted on the official Instagram of her agency Management Forest, along with the message, “#Today is the last ‘An’day #Ansie’s #Anna until the end.”

In the photo released, Su zy is wearing a black mini-dress.

Su zy, who reveals her right-angled shoulders, is attracting attention with an elegant and seductive atmosphere.

Suzy’s beautiful and clear beauty stands out.

Meanwhile, Su zy is currently starring in the Coupang Play series “Anna.”

Anna is the story of a woman who started living a completely different life, starting with a trivial lie.

Director Lee Ju-young, who was recognized for his directing and workmanship through the movie “Single Rider,” directed and scripted.

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