Suzy opens a YouTube channel… The beauty

Suzy opens a YouTube channel…The beauty of Sweden’s travel vlog


Su zy opened a YouTube channel and released a video.

Su zy released a three-minute long video titled “Travel Vlog” on her YouTube channel “suzy” on the afternoon of the 4th.

In the released video, Suzy was on a train to Malmö in Sweden when she filmed the video.

Suzy, who was posing while being conscious of the camera filming her while using her cell phone, showed off her extraordinary beauty. When the PD, who was filming the video, said, “You look very thin today,” he said, “Really?” and showed himself checking his face with his cell phone.

After getting off the train, he expressed his excitement with his whole body and showed a head banging. The producer said, “I’m scared that someone will watch it.” When she said, “Really,” Suzy said, “Oh, it’s too much these days,” and touched her forehead with her hand as if she was feeling dizzy.

He then visited the market and boasted of his easy-goingness by complaining of hunger and saying, “I’m still hungry.”

Meanwhile, Suzy, who was born in 1994 and turns 28 years old, debuted as a member of Miss A in 2010, and will appear as Iduna in the Netflix original series “Iduna!” after appearing in Coupang Play’s original “Anna.” 코인파워볼

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