T-ara Jiyeon, best friend IU jealous? “Who did you pick?”

T-ara Jiyeon, best friend IU jealous? “Who did you pick?”


T-ara Ji-yeon (real name Park Ji-yeon) showed off her close chemistry with singer IU.

On the 27th, Ji-yeon uploaded a photo that appeared to have been taken by someone on her Instagram story.

Jiyeon in the picture is sitting in front of the sculpture wearing a white boxy shirt and beige pants.

Next to it, there was an article explaining the situation, saying, “I think I’m pretty good today, so please take a picture of me.”

However, Ji-yeon, the main character of the photo, had her face completely covered because she was organizing her hair, and just in time, IU’s face, which was shown on the screen, was captured in the photo. Ji-yeon said, “Who did you pick?”I laughed because I was jealous, not jealous,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ji-yeon and IU, born in 1993, became friends by appearing together on SBS’ entertainment program “Kick It Girl.” Last year, he also appeared on tvN’s “On & Off” to show off his best friendship.

Ji-yeon recently played the role of Larima in KBS2 drama “Imitation,” and was selected as the main character in the movie “Hwa-nyeo,” heralding her return to the screen.

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