T1, Fredditt Brion’s repeated raids destroyed again.

T1, Fredditt Brion’s repeated raids destroyed again.


T1 was once again crushed by repeated attacks by Freddie Brion, who sought weakness.

Freddie Brion beat T1 in four games on the second day of the eighth week of the LCK Challengers League Summer Split, which was held online on the 27th.

From the beginning of the game, Fredditt Brion repeatedly attacked the top area, aiming for the kill.

In the first attempt, Jace of T1 took Lenecton, and immediately there was a retaliatory assault of T1.

The repeated rally of Fredditt’s players has begun to widen points to kill.

T1 also tried to make up for the shortfall with operations, but Freddie, the front-runner, scored three kills.

After taking care of the messenger, the difference began to widen little by little.

In addition, explicit checks on Jays continued, and it was not easy.

While the two teams were confronting each other ahead of the dragon, the T1 overpowered the all-out war and built the first dragon stack.

When Silas was cut off in the lower area, he caught LeBlanc and returned it.

But right after the T1 succeeded in the Dragon 3rd, Fredditt was hitting Baron when he tried to timing it.

When the T1 players appeared in the jungle near Baron’s nest, they jumped over the wall and launched an attack, adding three kills, bringing the atmosphere to a full extent.

Freddie Brion, who eventually widened the gap, overpowered an all-out battle in front of the main entrance.

He made a shot with the ace and entered the main camp and finished the game as it was.

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