Taeyang leaving YG vs. G-Dragon, what will happen to Big Bang?

Taeyang leaving YG vs. G-Dragon, what will happen to Big Bang?


Taeyang, a member of the group Big Bang, has decided to leave YG Entertainment (YG) and transfer to Black Label, and Daesung has also decided to terminate his contract with YG, drawing keen attention to Big Bang’s full-fledged activities.

Taeyang signed an exclusive contract with Black Label, an entertainment agency led by producer Teddy.

Black Label is an affiliate of YG. Teddy, who has long been in charge of YG music such as Big Bang and BLACKPINK, is the head and has a close relationship with YG. Taeyang, who has been working with Teddy since the Big Bang days, will move to the Black Label and show full-fledged musical synergy.

As Taeyang and Daesung left YG after Top, only G-Dragon remained in YG among Big Bang members.

G-Dragon will continue to work as an artist under YG. Recently, there have been many rumors surrounding G-Dragon, including rumors of the end of YG contract and transfer, but G-Dragon seems to have decided to continue his activities at YG.

G-Dragon and Taeyang have been with YG since they were 13 years younger. In the case of G-Dragon, he is also a representative of YG. G-Dragon, who has been together for more than 20 years and built strong trust with YG, is rumored to have already confirmed his faith with YG.

Of course, the type of contract in the future has not been specifically determined. However, it seems that he has prepared a basic framework for continuing his activities as an artist belonging to YG.

Daesung is leaving YG. A YG official told Spotv News on the 26th, “Daeseong has terminated its contract and is seeking a new start.” An official said, “There is no change in that Daesung is a member of Big Bang, and we will support Daesung’s new start and choice and cooperate at any time.”

Earlier, Big Bang started to stand alone, and Taeyang also decided to go to the Black Label. Attention is also focusing on whether Big Bang activities can take place as the members make different enemies. Big Bang reorganized its team into a four-member group with Seungri’s dishonorable withdrawal, and released its first new song “Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter” as a four-member group on April 5 this year.

The four-member Big Bang was still alive and well. Immediately after its release, “Spring Summer Autumn Winter” all topped all music charts, signaling the splendid return of “The Strongest Song” Big Bang.

It remains to be seen whether Big Bang’s full-fledged activities, which have begun with “Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter,” will continue. However, YG and its members are all expressing their firm commitment to Big Bang activities. T.O.P left YG and said, “I will join Big Bang activities at any time when conditions arise,” and Taeyang also said, “YG is still a member of Big Bang,” adding, “I will continue to make efforts for Big Bang activities.”

It has been a long time since the uniform formula of the music industry, which is the dismantling of each path, was broken. There are a series of people who show a precedent that even if they choose their own path, they can continue their activities if they have the will to the team. In the midst of this, attention is being paid to what BIGBANG members will choose

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