Taeyeon, surprise transformation with pink hair.

Taeyeon, surprise transformation with pink hair.


Taeyeon’s surprise hairstyle transformation is drawing attention.

Tae yeon posted several photos taken at a photo shoot on her Instagram on the 23rd.

Several photos posted with the message “I can’t forget the short-haired cat’s eyes” showed Taeyeon in the photo shoot.

Tae yeon caught the eye by boldly cutting the front part of her long hair with pink hair.

Internet users who saw this showed enthusiastic responses. Internet users praised Taeyeon’s unique styling in comments such as “Amazing digestion,” “It looks really good on you,” and “You really cut it.”

There are also continuous interpretations that relate to Taeyeon’s Instagram story post the day before.

Tae-yeon said, “Yes, I liked it. I still like it. But sometimes I think about it. I might not have found anything better yet. I’ve only lived around that area for 30 years, and no one knows what will happen tomorrow, so I’m going to concentrate hard and not be tired, but I and my people are always happy and easy.”파워볼사이트

Tae-yeon’s meaningful writing, which is usually loved for its confident and confident charm, also caused fans to worry.

At the same time, they are continuing to plant expectations for Taeyeon’s new challenges and changes.

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