Group ONEUS Lee Do shows off his unexpected singing skills in

Group ONEUS Lee Do shows off his unexpected singing skills in “King of Mask Singer”…Deeply lingering feelings.


Lee Do, a member of the group ONEUS, gave an unexpected charm with an attractive mid- to low-pitched vocals.

The group ONEUS Lee Do appeared as a honeybee on MBC’s entertainment program “Mystery Music Show King of Mask Singer” (hereinafter referred to as “King of Mask Singer”), which aired on the 5th, proving its aspect as an “all-rounder idol.”

In the broadcast on this day, Lee Do sang Song Chang-sik’s “Tobacco Shop Lady” enthusiastically and fascinated viewers with his unique husky voice. Lee Do’s excellent speed control, which made good use of the atmosphere of the song that was rising toward the second half, stood out as well as the attractive mid-low tone. In particular, Lee Do was excited by dancing to the rhythm with a sensuous groove.

In Rain’s subsequent “Song to Hold You,” Lee Do’s emotional aspect shone. Lee Do’s soft and mellow tone, which he utters as if he were speaking calmly, doubled the mournful sensibility of the song and gave deep afterglow to the listeners. As such, Lee Do showed his unexpected charm on the stage of “King of Mask Singer” as a vocalist, not a rapper.

Lee Do of the group ONEUS said on his agency RBW, “It was a fascinating and enjoyable experience to be on stage that I only saw on TV. I was very nervous to be on stage alone without the members, but it was meaningful to be able to fill the stage with my own voice. For the “King of Mask Singer” stage, I practiced in my spare time during the tour and tried to show a different side. “In the future, ONEUS Lee Do will do his best to show you more advanced performances in various fields,” he said.

ONEUS, which includes group ONEUS Lee Do, recently successfully held its first world tour “ONEUS 1ST WORLD TOUR ‘REACH FOR US’ in 10 North American cities and 4 South American cities. They appeared on FOX TV “Good Day NY” (Good Day New York) ahead of the U.S. tour, as well as major foreign media, including “Teen Vogue,” highlighted ONEUS’ world tour, confirming its increased influence in the global market.