Ten hahah era opens, but Manchester United’s first

Ten hahah era opens, but Manchester United’s first trophy in six years


English professional football Manchester United won the trophy for the first time in six years.

Manchester United won the 2022-23 Carabao Cup (League Cup) final at Wembley Stadium in London on the 27th (Korea time), defeating Newcastle United 2-0 with consecutive rolls by Casemiru and Marcus Rashford. Manchester United lifted the trophy six years after winning the Europa League (UEL) in the 2016-17 season.

Manchester United is a team that boasts the most 20 EPL titles, but after Alex Ferguson put down the baton after winning EPL in the 2012-13 season, he has only won the 2015-16 FA Cup, the 2016-17 League Cup and the UEL trophy without winning the regular league. Coach Eric Ten Hach was thrilled to win his first season in office.

Ten Hach, who also had conflicts with Cristiano Ronaldo (Al Nasr) in the process of dominating the team early in the season, raised his performance in earnest after breaking up with Ronaldo and raised his team to third place in the EPL, foreshadowing a long run at Manchester United, which has been the coach’s grave since Ferguson era 안전공원

Newcastle, which became a strong team by recruiting active players after being acquired by Saudi Capital, but was used to drawing rather than winning, fired more shots than Manchester United until the middle of the first half. It was Kasemiru in the 33rd minute of the first half that calmed the flow. Marcus Rashford broke through the left side of Newcastle and got a free kick for an opponent’s foul, and Luke Shaw’s free kick was connected to Casemiro with a header to shake the net. Six minutes later, Manchester United scored an additional goal to completely control the atmosphere. Rashford rushed to the ball that Boot Verhost stabbed into the back space of the opponent and laid a left-footed shot, and the ball that bounced off the Newcastle defense’s foot passed over the goalkeeper’s head and went into the net.

Newcastle also launched a fierce attack in the second half, but failed to open the goal because it was blocked by goalkeeper David De Gea and Manchester United players’ land defense. Jacob Murphy’s right-footed mid-range shot, which was put in the 23rd minute of the second half, slightly bent and missed the right post. Manchester United missed an additional goal opportunity while Bruno Fernandez was greedy in the 3-2 counterattack in the second half of the extra time, but there was no shortage of holding the trophy.

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