‘Terminator 2’ Edward Furlong, shock update…

‘Terminator 2’ Edward Furlong, shock update…Drug Addiction, Extreme Obesity

Edward Furlong

Edward Furlong (45), who starred in “Terminator 2,” has been revealed to the public.

On the 11th, Backgrid released a photo of Hollywood actor Edward.

According to reports, Edward was spotted at a restaurant in New York, the U.S.

In the photo released, he looks much bigger than in the past. I’ve gained so much weight that I can’t button up my shirt.

Edward boasted a beautiful appearance enough to be called the representative handsome boy when he starred as John Connor in the 1991 film “Terminator 2,” but over the years, he suffered from incidents such as drug use and domestic violence.

He was imprisoned for an overdose in 2001 and was arrested for habitually assaulting his ex-wife Rachel Bella in September 2009.

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