TES Jackie Love “Interview mistranslation, disgusting”

TES Jackie Love “Interview mistranslation, disgusting”

TES Jackie Love

TES Jackie Love expressed strong displeasure over the “misinterpretation” of the interview at the LOL World Cup.

On the 13th, Top E-Sports’ top liner “Jackie Love” posted a paragraph on his personal SNS Weibo.

The post said, “In an interview after the game, there was a saying that I blamed others (co-workers). I’ve never slandered a colleague for my entire career. The situation of driving someone like this is disgusting. “I want to meet normal people in the future.”

This is a problem revealed in the interview after the Log-TES match on the 13th, and such a misunderstanding occurred in the interview translation article of the British game magazine The Roadout.

The mistranslation part was the ‘我路’上 ‘ part that could be translated as a top liner or top line. Jackie Love referred to ‘路’上 ” as the cause of the defeat before Rogue.

There were two factors that could correspond to this. The first was the top liner Wayward. He suffered a slump in recording three deaths in just 11 minutes due to his opponent’s persistent aim, especially when all the team members were focused on the bottom line and died near the mid-Jungle around 11 minutes and 30 seconds.

Moreover, there were remarks suggesting this in the ensuing interview. In a Jackie Love interview posted by Corizon E-Sports, there was a comment to the effect that “you have to stop ganking to win and not feed.”

The second factor was a top-line skirmish that occurred around 19 minutes and 30 seconds. In the battle, Mark (Leona)-Tian (Trundle) and Knight (Azir) made the mistake of releasing him into Knight’s ‘Emperor’s camp (R) while trying to kill Trimby (Lakan), who fell alone.

TES was able to run away with only one-sided gains because he took out Odoamne (Maokai) teleport and his opponent was Trimby alone, but Tian couldn’t shake off his lingering attachment to the released messenger. Eventually, he led Mark-Night to death together, causing the worst consequences of dying near the messenger.

TES Jackie Love’s intention through Weibo was to regret the battle of the top line, but the interview was misinterpreted and misinformation was delivered as “blame the top liner” because he could not notice the difference in Chinese nuance during the on-site translation. 토토사이트

The Roadout said shortly after the situation occurred, “The wrong information was delivered due to an error by an on-site interpreter. “I apologize for the misunderstanding,” he said, expressing his sincere apology.

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