The 13th DMZ International Documentary Film Festival

The 13th DMZ International Documentary Film Festival


The 13th DMZ International Documentary Film Festival (DMZ Docs) has unveiled screenings of this year’s film festival, including the opening film.

The opening film of DMZ Docs this year is “Soup and Ideology.” “Soup and Ideology” is a new documentary by director Yang Young-hee, who has captured inter-Korean issues from the perspective of Koreans in Japan through works such as “Dear Pyongyang” and “Goodbye and Pyongyang.” The director looked back on Jeju’s history through his mother, who was in the middle of the Jeju 4.3 incident, and contained a message of peace.

DMZ Docs, including the opening film “Soup and Ideology,” will screen 126 documentaries from 39 countries this year. In addition to domestic documentaries where you can meet today in Korean society, new directors’ debuts to new masterpieces will be selected and presented with excellent documentaries from all over the world. In addition, a special exhibition and DMZ-POV also provided various works and forums related to documentaries.

The festival will host an eight-day documentary festival from the opening ceremony to the 16th (Thursday) in Paju on September 9. In particular, the government plans to increase the accessibility of audiences and continue the safe operation of film festivals by holding an online and offline method suitable for the post-corona era.

The offline screening will be conducted at Megabox Baekseok, located in Goyang City, and the screening will be operated safely according to the guidelines for social distancing and compliance with the quarantine rules thoroughly. Online reservations will be held on the film festival’s official website from August 31 (Tuesday), and on-site reservations will be made during the film festival.

In particular, the online screening of the film festival will be conducted through VoDA (more than its own streaming platform). During the festival, you can conveniently enjoy about 80 different screenings, and watch events and forums such as opening ceremonies live. After the festival, it will be operated on Oct. 1 (Friday) as an OTT dedicated to documentaries that stream various domestic and foreign documentary works.

“I think it is the film festival’s constant role to present good documentary works to the audience and support talented creators and their works,” said Chung Sang-jin, executive chairman of DMZ Docs. “I hope that the audience will have a good time with the documentary.”

The 13th DMZ International Documentary Film Festival will be held for eight days from Sept. 9 (Thursday) to Sept. 16 (Thursday) in Goyang and Paju, Gyeonggi Province. The 2021 DMZ Industries will run for four days from Sept. 13 to Sept. 16 (Thursday).

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