The 32nd Seoul Music AwardsGrand Prize, New K-pop core..

The 32nd Seoul Music AwardsGrand Prize, New K-pop core live broadcasting in Asia and South America has been confirmed…I’m talking about Chinese broadcasts

Seoul Music

“Seoul Music” with 30 years of historyWith the confirmation of global live broadcasting, Daesang will further enhance its authority as a representative K-pop awards ceremony.

On the 2nd, the organizing committee of the Seoul Music Awards said, “The 32nd Seoul Music Awards will be held on the 19th.”Grand Prize” Target Organizing Committee) announced a live broadcast plan.

According to the story, “The 32nd Seoul Music Awards”Daesang’ is seen all over the world through live on-site broadcasts through domestic and foreign online platforms along with live TV broadcasts of domestic cable channel KBS Joy.

First of all, LG U+’s idol-specialized platform, Idol Plus, is going to Seoul not only in Korea but also in Taiwan, Brazil, Chile, Thailand, and the PhilippinesThe Grand Prize’s main ceremony and the entire red carpet will be broadcast live.

In addition, Japanese music and performance video platform Mahocast, Sony-affiliated Japanese cable channel, and Malaysian online platform Yippi will also present the entire event to local viewers in real time.

On top of that, local broadcasting in China is also being carried out step by step, based on the recent situation in which the atmosphere of lifting the Korean-Chinese ordinance is ripe. This live broadcast environment is accompanied by the global exposure of leading artists in the K-pop world, “Seoul Music.”It is expected to increase the status of ‘the grand prize’.

In this atmosphere, “Seoul Music Awards”Interest in the second online vote for the Grand Prize is also increasing. The second fan vote (4.49 million votes as of 5:10 p.m. on the 15th), which will be held on the official app, is currently drawing keen attention, including the popularity award (No. 1 Lim Young-woong, No. 2 Kim Ho-jung, No. 3 Kim Ho-jung, No. 3 BTS Jin, and No. 4 BTS Jin).

An official from the organizing committee of the  Music Awards said, “Broadcasting deliberation in China.I went to Seoul a few months ago to the National Radio and Television Administration, which is in charge of permissionWe have requested permission for broadcasting of the target, he said. “We will convey the heat of K-pop to overseas fans from the beginning of the year and revitalize the Korean Wave cultural content industry.”

Meanwhile, the Seoul Music Awards, which marks its 32nd anniversary this year, will be held at the KSPO Dome (formerly Gymnastics Stadium) in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 19th, along with awards such as Main Award, Rookie Award, Popular Award, Hallyu Special Award, Ballad Award, Trot Award, R&B Hip Hop Award, and OST Award.

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