The author of “Agency” said, “Lee Bo-young → Jeon Hye-jin,

The author of “Agency” said, “Lee Bo-young → Jeon Hye-jin, 100% trust…”I should hurry up and write the script Thoughts” [Question and answer]


Author Song Soo-soo of ‘Agency’ expressed strong trust in the cast actors.

On the 2nd, the comprehensive programming channel JTBC’s new Saturday and Sunday drama “Dae-Event” (directed by Lee Chang-min, who sent the play), revealed the writer’s daily answers.

Actor Lee Bo-young, who plays the main character Go Ah-in, said, “This is the first time I’ve acted such a strong and strong character.” As such, he predicted a thrilling catharsis to spread to the small screen with his strong acting that has not been seen in filmography so far.

The orphan became the first female executive in the group to pursue success. Then why did writer Song Soo-soo, a male, pay attention to her success story? Ahead of the first broadcast of “The Great Event,” writer Song Soo-soo revealed the reason himself.

Next is the question and answer sent by the writer

– The orphan in the “agent” is an exceptionally successful person. Why is that?

For her, success is not a trophy, but an armor to protect herself. For orphans, success is more of a shield to protect themselves than a desire to stand above anyone.

– Just as orphans think of success as an “armor,” the characters of “the event” all have different views on “success.” Is there a reason why you chose “success” as the keyword?

It’s because I don’t want to create a villain in the “agent.” Many dramas and movies make bad guys too easily. Only then will it be easier to proceed with the story, so I understand. However, if you look carefully at those who are in conflict with me and those who are dying to hate, you will find that they have their own positions. Rather than a confrontation between good and evil, he tried to deal with the conflict between desire and desire among those running toward his goal, and the conflict that occurs because there is only one place that everyone wants to sit down.

– Orphans seem to really love and love ‘advertising’. What does ‘advertising’ mean to her.

It’s the most enjoyable living thing you can do with clothes, and it’s not as boring as it’s hard. It would have matched her tendency well because it was a matter of quick and clear determination.

– If you were to name the priority of an orphan’s life.

1st place is Il, 2nd place is Don, 3rd place is me. Orphans are a thorough workaholic. There will be nothing more important than those three for a workaholic.

– Orphans pursue money and success, but they are not good at making themselves happy. Is there anything you want to say to her?

If I meet an orphan, I will say this (fYI, I will speak informally since I set the same age as myself).

“Hey! Don’t even listen to uselessly blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Happiness itself is a wrong word. When you say “lucky,” you say “lucky.” Is this “happiness”? It’s “lucky.” People say, “You’re a workaholic. Don’t listen to ‘Stop it!’ Go as far as you can, and try more. Change in the world is made by workaholics like you. However, just workaholic is a bit of a pushover. Be a healthy workaholic. I need your choice here. What value will be given to the word ‘health’. That’s where your life will change. Be successful.”

– How did you feel when you heard about casting Lee Bo-young, Cho Sung-ha, Son Na-eun, Han Joon-woo, and Jeon Hye-jin?

I trust them 100% because they are casted who have no choice but to do well. I thought I would make a good drama if I wasn’t lazy. So I only thought that I should write the script quickly.

– What’s your favorite or anticipated scene in “Agency”?

I like stories with messages in the first scene of part 1. Many things are also implied in the first scene of the first part. Also, you can look forward to the ending of each episode.

– Lastly, what is the message you want to convey through ‘an agency’?

It is a world where abandonment is spread out like a cabbage patch. As a result, my desire to improve my life by leaning on someone who has more money, higher positions, or power than me increases. I think anyone, including me, could. However, I would like to say that under any circumstances, I would like to see such an orphan who pioneers his life on his own without leaning on others or lowering his head in front of a strong person. If “success” leads the narrative, “subjectivity” is the key word that holds the center and the message of this drama. After watching the 16th part, you will know why the title is “Agency” and why such words often came out.

I think drama can’t change the world, but it can trigger one action. I hope you want to do something after you finish watching “Agency.” At least clean my room, take a walk in the neighborhood. Then the fear will disappear a little, and I will feel like I can do something. Right now, right now, don’t lean on others, anything trivial.

Meanwhile, JTBC’s new Saturday and Sunday drama “The Great Event” is a battle drama of elegantly desperate advertisers depicting an orphan who became the first female executive of a VC group making his career beyond the first and to the best position, which will premiere at 10:30 p.m. on the 7th.

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