The common bullpen is also associated with Kim Ha-sung..

The common bullpen is also associated with Kim Ha-sung, so the value rises sharply… “The most interesting player”.

When tied up with Kim Ha-sung (28, San Diego), the value of common bullpen pitchers also rises rapidly as attractive resources. Boston right-hander Tanner Ha-wook (27) is growing in presence thanks to Kim Ha-sung.

 Kim Ha-sung

Mass Live, a local media outlet in Boston, had time to shed light on Ha-wook’s value on the 19th (Korea Standard Time) with the title “Why Ha-wook became the most interesting player in Boston as a versatile weapon or trade chip.”

Ha-wook is a right-handed pitcher who was nominated to Boston for the 24th round of the first round of the 2017 rookie draft. The combination of fast fastball and fork-slider breaking ball at an average speed of 95.2 miles per hour (about 153 kilometers) is attractive. In 53 games (20 starts), 9 wins, 9 losses, 3.02 ERA, and 164 strikeouts with 146 players.

But expectations were not high. Due to the inconsistent pitching form, it was expected to be difficult to make a big league debut, and in fact, it has not made any clear results so far, five years after its debut. The location was ambiguous, so the U.S. baseball statistics media FanGraph expected his position as a bullpen, and he was classified as an extra resource that could be selected as a lower-level player.

Ha-wook, who had been building an ordinary career, has recently been listed in major media such as the Major League’s official website It started when it was mentioned on Mass Live on the 7th as a major card to bring Kim Ha-sung. “A one-on-one trade with San Diego could help Boston,” Sean McAdam, a Boston reporter for the Boston Sports Journal, told Massive and podcast. “As Xander Bogartz went to San Diego, Kim Ha-sung became an alternative resource, and you can bring him in return for Ha-wook,” he claimed.

Public opinion was steady to bring Kim Ha-sung to Boston, but it was the first time that a specific trade card came out. There are consistently articles introducing what value Ha-wook, who will come out as a counterweight to Kim Ha-sung, who has a batting average above the league’s average and a defense equivalent to a gold glove, is worth.

The same was true of Massive. The media said, “Ha-wook has a possibility of trade. It has not yet been decided which position he will pitch in, but for now he plans to be an important part of Boston’s pitching staff. Boston added Corey Kluber to the starting rotation last week and still plans to start Hauk in the spring camp.

“If all the other starting pitchers are healthy, it is hard to imagine Ha-wook squeezing into the current rotation. However, he was very successful as a bullpen, and he was overwhelmed in his last 24 games since he became a closer, but “Ha-wook will no longer be in charge of finishing with Kenley Janson’s joining. However, he pointed out the reality, saying, “It can be used as a must-win group or as a long-reliever to assist a specific starting pitcher.”

In summary, it means that he is a swingman who has not settled anywhere to start or finish. selected Kim Ha-sung as one of Boston’s five potential infield target candidates and introduced Ha-wook as a swingman. As a result, Ha-wook is mentioned with another charm as a trade card along with a story about his skills. 메이저놀이터

MassLive said, “It’s not just success in the big leagues that makes Ha-wook valuable in the trade market. Since he becomes an FA only after the 2027 season, these conditions can make other teams drool in the trade market. That’s why it’s not surprising to release Ha-wook for players such as Kim Ha-sung and Ahmed Rosario (Cleveland),” he appealed.

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