The controversial Myeongnyang Battle Festival eventually canceled

The controversial Myeongnyang Battle Festival eventually canceled Tanaka’s appearance


Yukio Tanaka (Gagman Kim Kyung-wook) was cast as a guest at the 2023 Myeongnyang Battle Festival, and the organizers canceled his appearance after controversy arose.

On the 18th, the Myeongnyang Grand Battle Festival Promotion Committee announced that Yukio Tanaka’s celebration show will be held on the 8th of next month at the Myeongnyang Stage of Haenam Usuyeong Tourist Site. Tanaka was an employee of a Japanese entertainment establishment, but he has a concept that he is active in Korea due to his lack of popularity in Korea.

When the news became known, netizens criticized it as inappropriate for a Japanese-style celebrity to be invited as a guest to a festival in honor of the spirit of patriotism.

In addition, the festival promotion committee said in a post, “Myungryang! He also pointed out the use of Korean notation using the Japanese pronunciation of “Because we are ready to enjoy together at the celebratory show” and the addition of the hashtag “Moemoemoemo”

As the controversy grew, the chairman of the festival’s executive committee apologized in an official statement on the 20th, saying, “I apologize for causing concern to many people for the festival that should be fun and pleasant 광주호빠

He also explained, “During Tanaka’s recent character activities, he described the musical ‘Hero’ and the movie ‘Hansan: Dragon’ as a ‘horror movie’ and expressed his fear of Admiral Yi Sun-shin, and recognized Dokdo as a Korean language as a sub-character.”

Currently, all promotional materials posted on the official website and social network are closed to the public. Haenam-gun said, “It is to revive the original purpose and meaning of the festival in accordance with the opinion that the Tanaka character setting does not fit the festival.””I decided to cancel my appearance as Naka,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Myeongnyang Battle Festival is a national historical and cultural festival commemorating the Battle of Myeongnyang, where Admiral Yi Sun-shin’s Joseon naval forces and fishermen in Jeolla-do defeated the Japanese naval forces at Uldolmok on September 16, 1597. This year it will be held from the 8th to the 10th of next month

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