The cost of presbyopia surgery is eye exercise? You don

The cost of presbyopia surgery is eye exercise? You don


You can get a lot of money from the hospital, but it can be different for each lens, because each lens has its own characteristics and its pros and cons, so it’s important to choose the right ones So just because I got you a cheap cataract surgery, I can’t say that the lens is worse than the more expensive one. If you get a presbyopia cataract surgery, you can think of it as a multifocal lens that’s not just glass but you can see it well

There’s a huge difference So the cost of the surgery can be more than 10 times different There are cases where presbyopia cataract surgery is 10 times the price of lenses, so there are cases where we do up to 500 at a glance, and there’s no way to slow presbyopia No matter how bad I look, Noah has cataracts It’s similar, if you count that age as the way we’re going to slow down in that presbyopia

They tell me to work out my eyes a lot Exercising your eyes makes you need them more because it’s the same as exercising in real life I do this every day. It’s a little better to be close But you have to do it every day And this gets better, and if you use it a little bit, it gets worse again. And it’s not too late to proceed. It’s the same. It doesn’t matter if you’re working out. It’s the same

But I can only see this much of the symptoms that appear in the process, but I can’t delay it if it keeps falling But if you do eye exercises, you can see that it blooms as early as possible. So, it’s right to say that eye exercises are actually not effective

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