The Glory’s life character who found Lim Ji-yeon

The Glory’s life character who found Lim Ji-yeon as a black flower.


Actor Lim Ji-yeon, who has been in her 13th year since her debut, met her life character with “The Glory.” Pretty face, creepy facial expression, and outspoken swearing. There is nothing unconventional.

Lim Ji-yeon played Park Yeon-jin, a wicked woman who caused nightmare pain to Moon Dong-eun (Song Hye-kyo) in the Netflix original series “The Glory,” which was released on December 30 last year.

In the play, Park Yeon-jin has an outstanding beauty in a rich environment, but she is a natural vicious personality that puts everyone at her feet and commits evil acts without hesitation. In particular, he used sadistic violence against Moon Dong-eun in high school, hurting her indelibly.

Park Yeon-jin, who was living a life like “White Night” where the sun never sets, reunites with Moon Dong-eun 18 years after becoming a mother and feels uneasy for the first time at the thought that her past can be revealed to the world.

Lim Ji-yeon, who challenged her first villain role through “The Glory,” detailed this series of processes. Even though he is immersed in the role of a weathercaster with an exemplary and healthy image, his true color is often revealed. The gap between a false smile and a rotten smile with its true colors is enormous.

From the moment-to-moment facial expressions that change, to the relentless swearing, even viewers outside the monitor are sweating. The devilish acting beyond the wicked woman is fear itself.

However, after Moon Dong-eun was appointed as the homeroom teacher of her daughter, she expressed feelings close to madness, exploding uncontrollable anxiety and anger at the same time. The passionate performance has been praised for being completely united with Park Yeon-jin, and viewers are responding to it as “a breakthrough transformation” and “an all-time transformation.”

Lim Ji-yeon, who debuted in 2011 with the movie “Disaster Movie,” received Chungmuro’s attention with the movie “Human Addiction,” which starred with Song Seung-heon in 2014. That year, he swept the Rookie of the Year Award at various film awards, including the 23rd Buil Film Awards, the 34th Korea Film Critics Association Awards, and the 51st Daejong Film Festival.

Since then, Lim Ji-yeon has been steadily appearing in various works, going back and forth between the cathode ray tube and the screen, and gradually accumulating filmography. The effort was rewarded, and in the 13th year of his debut, he met Kim Eun-sook’s “The Glory” and exploded his potential. Park Yeon-jin, the “unprovoked villain,” proved himself that the Rookie of the Year awards he received nine years ago were not luck.

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