The owner of the Yankees’ division criticizes manager Boone

The owner of the Yankees’ division criticizes manager Boone


The New York Yankees, which have been losing for a long time, are being driven to the point where the front desk and the scene are at odds.

The Yankees knelt 5-6 in a home game against the Boston Red Sox at Yankee Stadium on the 21st (Korea Standard Time). The Yankees, who lost eight games against the Miami Marlins on the 13th, marked 60 wins and 64 losses, widening the gap with the Seattle Mariners, third in the AL wild card, to nine more games.

It is the first time in 28 years that the Yankees have lost eight consecutive games since August 20-27, 1995. However, that year, the Yankees finished the last 33 games of the season with a phenomenal 26-7 win rate and advanced to the postseason by dramatically winning the wild card. This year, however, seems unlikely. This is because the players’ concentration, motivation, and teamwork are the worst.

The game was decided by the Yankees’ attack in the eighth inning. In the bottom of the eighth inning, when the Yankees tied 5-5, leader Aijaea Keiner-Palepa hit a right-handed hit, creating an opportunity. Anthony Wolfie hit a left-handed hit after the two batters were out. However, first baseman Keiner-Palepa ran home around the third base while Boston left fielder Rob Leffsnyder slipped at the moment of the catch.

The ball was broadcast home through the third baseman, but referee Junior Valentin declared it safe. A video review was made at Boston’s request for a challenge, and Safe was reversed to Out. Keiner-Palepa’s foot was out by Boston catcher Connor Wong’s tag, and Wong’s original ruling that he did not interfere with base running under the home plate collision regulations was maintained.

It was a disappointing challenge for the Yankees, who had to lead 6-5. Boston scored the winning run in the top of the ninth inning when Justin Turner hit a double to the right with one out and runners on first and third base

Boston, which recently won three consecutive games and seven consecutive games against the Yankees, marked 66 wins and 58 losses and maintained its fifth place in the AL wild card, maintaining its third-place win over Seattle.

The last time the Yankees, who lost eight consecutive games in 28 years, finished the season below 50% was in 1992, and 1990 was the most recent case in the world. For this reason, the Yankees are in and out of the club these days.

“I know it’s a boring answer,” Aaron Boone said in an official interview shortly after the Boston defeat the previous day. However, we tried to win the game today, and we played with the expectation that today was the day to win, he said. “That’s how we look at the game and it tells us what our current position is.” Our players are like sick animals in many ways,” he said. He blamed the players for the losing streak.

Ahead of the game, Yankees manager Aaron Boone said he recently had a meeting with Hal Steinbrenner and general manager Brian Cashman. Since the team atmosphere has collapsed, there has been a consensus that something should be prepared.

However, Steinbrenner, the owner of the club, and Cashman, the general manager, reportedly criticized Boone for his team’s management and performance 사설토토사이트

Coach Boone said he was very disappointed with the team’s performance from the leaders of these clubs. Nevertheless, manager Boone said, “We promise that we haven’t given up yet. We have to win,” he stressed

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