The reason why high school students in K are popular in Godalpa

The reason why high school students in K are popular in Godalpa OTT academy


At one time, New York in the U.S. was nicknamed “a regular in disaster movies.” This is because New York, which reigned as the world’s best city, was often used as the background to deal with various disasters in science fiction movies. Therefore, New York became the target of meteorites, and was damaged by tsunamis, and various villains were rampant and used as a place for aliens to invade.

In this era of watching OTT platforms a lot, what would foreigners say to Korean high school students. I think they’ll say, “You’re really good at running,” and “You’re really good at fighting.” That’s what Korean high school students look like in the dramas we’re watching right now.

With the creation of the OTT platform, the definition of so-called “academia” that deals with schools is being rewritten. In the past, it would have been a series of stories about spending ordinary daily lives in the background of school, but now high school students are busy. They are invaded by aliens and attacked by zombie viruses. On the other hand, it can be a stage of revenge or a stage of killers who hide their identity and make a secret promise.

This is the story of Tving’s recently released drama “After-school War Activity.” The drama based on Ha Il-kwon’s webtoon of the same name has been released since the 31st of last month. The plot is that extraterrestrial spheres that suddenly appear in the sky around the world threaten the Earth, and the Korean government decides to recruit high school seniors to prevent them. I don’t think I’ll participate if I just do it, so I apply extra points for the CSAT.

The drama ranked first among all-time TVing works in the paid subscription contribution index, which measures the contribution of consumers who subscribe to watch content immediately after its release. It takes the form of an academy, and we put together a cliché of a war drama dealing with students turning into soldiers, an element of science fiction in which alien life appears

Similar works have increased dramatically recently. It would be good to pick Netflix’s “My School Now,” which was released early last year. It is also based on Joo Dong-geun’s popular webtoon, which mainly deals with the fear and thrill of the unidentified zombie virus spreading around the school and turning into zombies for students. A large number of new actors such as Yoon Chan-young, Park Ji-hoo, Joey-hyun, Yoo In-soo, Ha Seung-ri, Lee Eun-sam, Lee Yoo-mi, and Romon also appeared.

There were also many revenge dramas set in the school. “Weak Hero Class 1,” unveiled on Wave, deals with the growth of Yeon Si-eun (Park Ji-hoon), who has somewhat poor physical ability but is armed with extraordinary head, judgment, and great persistence against the backdrop of school. “Third Person Revenge,” which was released on Disney Plus, also features the main character Ok Chan-mi (Shin Ye-eun) who sought the truth about the death of her twin brother and Ji Soo-heon (Romon), who acts as a revenge, getting involved in the case.

A killer appears in “Final Weapon Alice,” which was released on Watcha. It deals with what happens when highly trained killer Han Winter (Park Se-wan) meets Seo Ye-Yeoreum (Song Gun-hee), who does not feel pain even when she is hit while attending school disguised as an ordinary student.

Among the works scheduled to be released, academy works can be frequently seen. The drama “Hi Cookie,” which has yet to be decided on a platform, will feature Nam Ji-hyun and Choi Hyun-wook. It deals with the desire of the human race and the journey of the female protagonist on an adventure to save her brother in danger when Cookie, who grants her wish, enters an elite high school. The “Running Mate,” which is scheduled to be unveiled on TVing, has a model student protagonist running as a running mate in the election of the school’s student council president to reform his image It dealt with the process of becoming increasingly the core of the election. It combines the characteristics of academy and political literature.

The story of “K-high school students” has become the central theme of the drama because there is no place that collects the characteristics of Korean society more intensively than schools. The educational background society, which is characteristic of Korean society, and the system in which grades determine social class, push students into infinite competition. Students are evaluated in a row for their grades, while the shadows of those who have fallen behind are also deepened. You can’t miss the drama against a backdrop where people’s bare faces are often revealed

In addition, conflicts with older generations who have already built the system are effectively depicted. Adults in “My School Now” adjust, even encourage, and exploit the zombie crisis to their advantage rather than solve it. Adults of “after-school war activities” decide to recruit students who were only studying and put them into burdensome operations like consumables. In the end, there is a self-portrait of a distorted social system through school.

There is also a reason why the number of original webtoon works has increased. Usually, webtoon writers have a relatively short career compared to established cartoonists, and there are many younger generations. It is easy to imagine the background of the school, which gave the artist the strongest impression of his life so far. If you look at the academy industrially, you can use a large number of young newcomers to cast students, which costs less, and you can work on the second half of the work.

Schools are a material that is available all over the world, so they are versatile, but they can also show differences only in Korea. Naturally, the atmosphere of the Korean school system and school is interesting from the perspective of foreigners. This is why schools, abbreviated versions of Korean society, can be so popular in dramas.

In the broadcasting area, it becomes a new genre of experiments and a playground for new actors. In many ways, the story is a genre that gains weight and strengthens the base. What other schools, students’ stories will captivate viewers with intensity, and the 2023 academy’s clock is busy

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