The WBC winning dividend rate predicted by the U.S., “Korea’s joint

The WBC winning dividend rate predicted by the U.S., “Korea’s joint fifth place,” is…1st place in the U.S. and 3rd place in Japan


The Korean national baseball team’s chances of winning the World Baseball Classic (WBC), which will return after six years, were ranked tied for fifth. The U.S. and the Dominican Republic were considered the “two-tier” close to winning, and Japan was right next.

Fox Sports of the U.S. released its preview of the 2023 WBC championship dividend on the 30th (Korea Standard Time). Fox Bet predicted a +260 U.S. winning dividend rate, ranking first among 20 clubs participating in the finals. If the U.S. wins, you can bet 10 dollars to get 36 dollars back. Korea received a dividend rate of +1500, which is tied for fifth. If you bet ten dollars, you’ll come back to 160 dollars.

The Korean WBC national team, which advanced to the semifinals in 2006 and won the second place in 2009, failed to advance to the second round as it was hit by a team that was considered an ambush in 2013 and 2017. The Netherlands in 2013 and Israel in 2017 fatally wounded South Korea.

The national baseball team has been sluggish in international competitions, including two consecutive failures in the second round of the WBC and no medals at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics last year. In Premier 12, he won in 2015 and finished second in 2019, but the impact of the rest of the tournament was too great.

To make up for this, South Korea put a “Korean Major Leaguer” on the list of interest for the first time in history at the WBC. Tommy “Hyun-soo” Edman (St. Louis) and “Kim Jung-tae” Rob Leffsnider (Boston), winners of the National League’s second baseman Gold Glove last year, were included in the list of interest. In particular, Edman is known to have a strong intention to join the Korean national team.

South Korea, which belongs to Group B, will meet Australia, Japan, the Czech Republic, and China in turn. Japan, which has three major leaguers, is considered a difficult opponent, but if it is careful of the ambush Australia, it is a group that is likely to seek to advance to the second round. From the second round, it is a single-round tournament, so the results cannot be expected hastily. South Korea aims to advance to the semifinals at Rondipo Park in Miami.

The U.S., the favorite, was the first to announce Mike Trout’s participation, winning the hearts of the players. Special players such as Mookie Betts and Clayton Kershaw (Dodgers), Tray Turner and Kyle Schwarber, JT Realmuto (Philadelphia), Paul Goldschmidt and Nolan Arenado (St. Louis) have declared their joining the U.S. national team one after another.

But the U.S. is not an overwhelming favorite. The Dominican Republic received a dividend rate of +275. If the Dominican Republic wins by betting 10 dollars, it will get $37.50 back. The Dominican Republic also has a strong batting lineup comparable to the U.S. Some say that his pitching power is better than that of the U.S.

Japan’s dividend rate following the leading group is +450. Puerto Rico received +800 and Venezuela and Cuba received +1500, the same as South Korea.

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