There is a team competition on the KPGA Korean Tour? Do you

There is a team competition on the KPGA Korean Tour? Do you know the Professional Golf Club League?

Which club will break Hana Financial Group’s stronghold?

The Korea Professional Golf Association (KPGA) will play the club league again this year. It is unfamiliar that a league will be held in which clubs participate in golf with strong individual tendencies. KPGA established the “KPGA Professional Golf Club League” in April last year to revitalize the Korean Tour, including promoting players and forming fandom.


The club league ranks each club by adding club points in the name of participating points and club points that add up points for each player according to the performance of each tournament. The goal is to motivate both players and sponsoring companies by assuming companies that officially sponsor two or more players as clubs. In other words, Hana Financial Group, which includes Ham Tae-woo (28), Park Bae-jong (36), Park Eun-shin (32) and Han Seung-soo (37), became champions in the first year.

In the first year of the club league, 19 clubs from the DB Insurance Promi Open to the LG Signature Players Championship participated. The league method is simple. From the opening game of the season, the final match is considered a panacea. The team’s points will be paid in the name of participation points, and each player’s points according to each competition’s performance will be combined to rank them.

Each club will play “The Final” like the Korean Series in the KBO League to determine the throne. “The Final” will feature all clubs participating in the pennant race to determine the winning team with a modified stableford-style single-round match (18 holes). The modified stable pod method is 8 points for Albatross, 5 points for Eagle, 2 points for Buddy, 1 point for bogey, and -3 points for double bogey or less to determine the ranking by score. It is fun to watch because it is possible to reverse the situation. The club can nominate players for each hole, which also adds interest to the resource fight. 파워볼게임

KPGA’s ambition is to upgrade the festival to a festival where owners, club officials, players and fans can join in the entire process from Pro-Am to the main tournament and awards ceremony.

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