There were no victims at the Hive entrance

There were no victims at the Hive entrance


Group Le Ceraphim will go from six to five. Kim Ga-ram, who had been noisy due to controversy over school violence even before his debut, came out of the group.

Hive label Source Music announced its official position on Tuesday that it recently terminated its exclusive contract with Kim Ga-ram. As a result, Leceraphim will work as a five-member group, including Sakura, Kim Chae-won, Heo Yoon-jin, Kazuha, and Hong Eun-chae.

Kim Garam was the fifth person to be punished by the School Violence Countermeasures Committee. His school violence was known even before his debut, but his agency and Kim Ga-ram pushed ahead with his debut.

When Kim Garam’s controversy over school violence first broke out, his agency’s position was “groundless.” Source Music declared, “We believe that there are many malicious intentions to undermine artists who are about to debut, and we will take legal action against unilateral and distorted claims or spreading false information related to this issue.”

Even in this situation, Kim Garam’s allegations related to school violence continued to emerge. In particular, the public completely turned their back on Kim Ga-ram, as the records of the disposition of the school violence committee No. 5 were revealed.

At this time, Source Music claimed that Kim Ga-ram was the victim, saying, “The perpetrator who made a big mistake in relation to his friends first requested the school violence committee and instead stepped up for the damaged friend.” Earlier, the victim presented a message received from Kim Garam through a legal representative, a notification of the results of the school violence committee, and statements from the victims and guardians. However, the victims of school violence from Kim Ga-ram had to be perpetually subjected to secondary abuse in online spaces due to the response of Source Music and Hive.

There was no content about the victim in the article announcing Kim Garam’s withdrawal. “I sincerely apologize for causing inconvenience to fans and many others due to the controversy over Kim Garam,” he said, only lowering his head to the fans.

School violence is a serious matter that leaves a big scar on adolescent students. Therefore, idol stars who are greatly supported by teenagers are more deadly to be associated with school violence. Since Hive and Source Music, which have leading artists, couldn’t not know this, fans had no choice but to trust the agency’s position, which became the basis for the second offense against the victim.

The statement on Kim Garam’s withdrawal is concise compared to the previous positions that Source Music put forward to protect Kim Garam. Now that Kim Ga-ram is out of Le Seraphim, will Source Music continue to check the facts about its advanced position? This is why the withdrawal position without any expression of regret for the victim feels particularly suspicious and bitter.

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