There’s a prequel for Seul’s student Mido and Parasol’s

There’s a prequel for Seul’s student Mido and Parasol’s college days


tvN’s “Hospital Playlist” goes back to the past.

As a result of exclusive coverage of Star News on the 1st, it was confirmed that PD Shin Won-ho will participate as a creator of the prequel series of “Hospital Playlist.”

This work will be held by a director other than PD Shin Won-ho, who directed “Hospital Playlist.” The content depicts the college days of the band “Midowa Parasol,” which was formed by Lee Ik-joon, Chae Song-hwa, Kim Joon-wan, Ahn Jung-won and Yang Seok-hyung in the drama. Remembering the days about 20 years ago before they became doctors.

During the main broadcast of “Hospital Playlist,” the five members played college students through makeup, but this work does not feature existing protagonists Cho Jung-seok, Jeon Mi-do, Jung Kyung-ho, Yoo Yeon-seok, and Kim Dae-myung as the main background of the times is the past. However, the character name is the same.

It is the first time for a drama with an adult actor as the main character to produce a new work in a youth version after the end of the drama, so viewers’ reactions are also expected to be hot.

Currently, Shin Won-ho’s division is conducting auditions for actor designation like the “Wise” and “Reply” series. This is Shin Won-ho’s own audition method, in which only actors participate without staff, and free acting is performed without any explanation of the script and role. Shin Won-ho’s division is currently in the midst of casting, focusing on new actors.

“Hospital Playlist” is a “Hospital Playlist” medical series by PD Shin Won-ho, which began in March 2020, and tells the story of five medical school colleagues in 1999 who can be seen just by looking at their eyes.

In particular, the first episode of Season 2 of “Hospital Playlist,” which ended in September 2021, recorded an average audience rating of 10% and a maximum of 12.4%, ranking first in tvN’s history at the time

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