There’s no possibility of trading Kim Ha-sung? NO!

There’s no possibility of trading Kim Ha-sung? NO! “Mondesi prepares for the opening game X- Can recruit additional players”

Rumors seemed to disappear as the Boston Red Sox, which had been in the Kim Ha-sung trade rumor, recruited Adalberto Mondesi. However, the local community still points out that additional infielders are needed. Boston is also not expected to stop.

Kim Ha-sung

Boston said on its official website on the 24th, “The club succeeded in recruiting Mondesi. “I welcome him,” he said, announcing his recruitment. To this end, bullpen pitcher Josh Taylor was sent to the Kansas City Royals, and Boston later carried out a trade to receive cash or players.

The club was deeply concerned about the shortstop. Xander Bogartz left for the San Diego Padres, and Trevor Story, who was expected to play the starting shortstop, took the operating table with an elbow injury. As a result, many shortstop, including Kim Ha-sung, were on the recruitment list. And on that day, he recruited Mondesi.

Boston seemed to add more pressure, but Chris Enrique, a reporter for the local media ‘WEEI’, said, “Boston Heim Bloom president said Mondesi may not be ready for the opening game. Boston could add another infielder to the roster,” he explained.

Mondesi also has a history of being on the operating table last year, and has been unable to return to the ground since April and finished the season quickly. It is known that his physical condition is still not complete, and many say that it is not easy to return to the opening game.

In addition, ‘MLB Network’ reporter John Morosi said, “Mondesi has never played more than 60 games as a shortstop recently. The last season he played more than 60 games was in 2019, when he played exactly 100 games. And he is a player with a lot of injuries,” he explained.

As a result, Boston is still expected to find an infielder, and some say that rumors of Kim Ha-sung’s trade have not completely disappeared. Boston fans also announced on social media that they still want Kim Ha-sung even after the trade.

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