Thunder from MBLAQ “I’m a homop..

Thunder from MBLAQ “I’m a homophobia…”It’s scary no matter how much you practice”.


Singer Thunder (33, real name Park Sang-hyun), a former member of the group MBLAQ, confessed his housekeeping phobia.

Park Cheon-dong will appear as a guest on Channel S’s “Advanced Sisters,” which will air at 9:20 p.m. on the 3rd.

In the recording, Thunder said, “When I went to ‘King of Mask Singer’, which was the first solo stage in two years after leaving MBLAQ, I limped (wrong) even though I memorized the lyrics hard (I got it wrong),” adding, “No matter how hard I memorized the lyrics, I got into a habit.”

Jang Young-ran said with regret, “I should try to overcome it,” and asked, “I think I have a will to fix it, but is it not working well?” In response, Thunder said, “Even though I memorize the lyrics and prepare very hard, when I stand on the stage, my phobia occurs and I get it wrong again.”

Park Mi-sun said to this thunder, “Is it really scary? Or is it a lack of practice?” he suspected, but thunder said, “It was a fear. “It felt like a trauma,” he said, drawing a sigh.

Thunder continued to confide her worries, and Park Mi-sun, who was listening to it, laughed, saying, “The style is so different from mine.” Park Mi-sun said, “I will go crazy if my son does that,” and appeared frustrated, saying, “I think I would have nagged a lot.” In response, Jang Young-ran also strongly agreed, saying, “I’m also going crazy now.”

“Advanced Sisters” airs every Tuesday at 9:20 p.m.

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