Tiagu Silva, betrayed by Ramos, said, “Last year I was my age…”

Tiagu Silva, betrayed by Ramos, said, “Last year I was my age…”

Tiagu Silva

Chelsea defender Tiagu Silva did not hide his embarrassment over Sergio Ramos’ move to Paris Saint-Germain.

Silva left PSG last year and signed with Chelsea. For Silva, PSG was not just a club that went through. Since 2012, he has played 293 games in eight years, winning seven league years.

Silva was the longest-running club in his career. He was optimistic about renewing his contract even at an age when he entered the ranks of veteran workers. However, PSG did not extend their contract with Silva. He chose generational change over experience.

In the end, Silva moved to Chelsea and helped win the UEFA Champions League. Now he is having a happy later life at Chelsea, but PSG’s cool-headed appearance on one side of his chest remains a pain.

What makes Silva even sadder is PSG’s recruitment of Ramos. PSG signed a contract with Ramos, whose contract with Real Madrid expired this summer. He even feels betrayed because he was a PSG who broke up with him because of his age.안전놀이터

“It makes me think a lot about everything that’s happened right now,” Silva told ESPN. I have no personal feelings for Ramos. However, when PSG offered Ramos a two-year contract, I really didn’t understand. “Now Ramos is the same age as I was last year,” he said frankly.

I feel like I’ve been denied the time. Silva said, “It’s really sad. It’s like I didn’t do anything for PSG. Looking at it now, it’s a shame that I couldn’t be more sensitive to parting. We didn’t spend eight days or eight months. It was eight years of victory and work,” he said, revealing his disappointment that he was not treated.

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