To Lee Boyoung who says she doesn’t look like an orphan at all

To Lee Boyoung who says she doesn’t look like an orphan at all

Lee Boyoung

This is the first interview in five years since “Mother.” Lee Bo-young met with reporters somewhere in Apgujeong, Seoul, sending JTBC’s “agent.” Lee Bo-young played the main character Go Ah-in in the elegant office drama “Agent,” which depicts the main character Go Ah-in, who became the group’s first female executive, running beyond the first to the best position.

“Do I need to feel pressured?” “If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.”

When asked how she felt about the end of the show, Lee Bo-young smiled brightly, saying, “It was fun.” “It’s my first time acting in an office drama and in one space with many people. We talked a lot together because it was a good communication team. “It felt like we were making it step by step together,” he said, expressing satisfaction with the ‘agent’ teamwork. The atmosphere of the ‘agent’ was known from Lee Bo-young’s bright energy. He said, “Isn’t there a lot of actors out there? “I wanted it to go well as much as I had fun filming it, but I’m really grateful that the ratings were better than I thought,” he said.

?The reaction to the ‘agent’ was also special after a long time. Lee Bo-young said, “It’s been a long time since I debuted, so I don’t respond (even if I work), but last week, a close scripter texted me after a long time, saying, ‘Unni, I’m having so much fun, I’m too immersed in it.'” It feels like work. He said, “It’s fun to watch the script, but I can’t get too immersed in the video because I can only see the lack of ‘why I did it like that,’ but I remember him saying that he enjoyed watching it and that he was living because of his sister.”

I was also curious whether he felt burdened by the great success of his previous work, “The Youngest Son of a Jaebeol House.” But Lee Bo-young said, “Not at all.” “I didn’t have to feel pressured,” he said. “If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work,” he said coolly. But the poster was burdensome. Lee Bo-young said, “I told the director, ‘Why did you put me on the poster alone?’ He said, “If it doesn’t work out well, it will be transferred to the responsibility,” adding, “The period of ‘That’s enough’ is over, which is forgiven and understood as before because I’m old.” “There is a burden that comes from that,” he said honestly.

“It’s something to be thankful that there are more female characters in the drama.”

These days, with more works featuring women, Lee Bo-young proved once again that she is a “one-top female actor” through “agent.” However, Lee Bo-young holds her confidence, saying, “We should not be worried about joy and sorrow.” “(Viewers) forget everything a week after the show,” he said. I’m just thankful for the moment and I think, ‘It came out well,’ he said. However, what’s unfortunate is that I’m worried that I’ll be able to meet such a good work again. He said, “Recently, I have been lucky to do good works with good people. “Mother” and “Mine”. Whenever I work on a work, I feel bad thinking, “Wouldn’t it be the last time to film it this fun?” and “Will I be able to meet another good work?” “I’m sad that I’ll have another good opportunity like this next time,” he said calmly.

Regarding the advancement of female characters in dramas and movies, “I’m so grateful. “My seniors paved the way well,” he said adding, “I have hope that I can do it until that age.” I also wanted to do better and act longer. I’m really grateful,” he said with joy.

Goa-in, played by Lee Bo-young, is the best “strong character” in Lee Bo-young’s career. Lee Bo-young acted ‘agent’ thinking it was the growth period of orphaned people. He said, “It was a process in which a person who was always doing well alone interacted with others, healed wounds, and became a person,” adding, “I thought the character would look hateful, but I thought it would be like a viewer scratching his back when he talked like an orphan in social life.” I wanted to make viewers cheer for the orphans to do well,” he said.

Lee Bo-young sympathized with him and felt sorry for him while looking at the orphan who was “not strong, but pretending to be strong” and thinking, “Do I have to do that?” “The orphan is holding out, and I’ve been holding out well so far and I’ll hold out. I’ve been thinking a lot about the past (acting),” he said. However, when asked about his synchronization with the orphan, he said, “I’m not at all.” I don’t want to go into a lonely house alone, take medicine, drink, and sleep alone, and I can’t be a person who talks recklessly,” he said firmly. I don’t see any resemblance.

When was the most difficult moment for Lee Bo-young to play an orphan who is completely different from her? Surprisingly, it was an epic story with my mother. In fact, Lee Bo-young, a mother of two, could not understand Seo Eun-ja (Kim Mi-kyung), a mother who abandoned an orphan. “To be honest, it was hard because I didn’t understand. I thought about how to solve it well. Because it’s a necessary process to overcome a wound. But it’s not acceptable at all. “How do I abandon my daughter?” he said. “But just seeing my mother holding the bracelet made me cry.” But I hated my mom so much in the process. “But I cried a lot while filming it,” he said of the behind-the-scenes story of his acting.

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