Tom Cruise, “I want to come to Korea 30 or 40 more times”

Tom Cruise, “I want to come to Korea 30 or 40 more times”

Tom Cruise

“I finally came back to Korea after four years, and I could fully feel the energy. I felt that we were all reconnecting. I was able to see your smiles beyond the mask. I want to come to Korea 30 or 40 more times.”
Uncle Tom and Tom Cruise, who visited Korea to introduce “Top Gun: Maverick,” which will be officially released on the 22nd, showed their special affection for Korea at a press conference held at Lotte Hotel World in Seoul on the 20th. “I have adjusted my schedule a lot for my visit to Korea,” he said at a red carpet event the previous day. “I felt like I was recognized for those efforts,” he said. “I was so thrilled to see each other’s faces and say hello.”

Tom Cruise, who has been at the top of the world’s popularity for a generation, has not forgotten to visit Korea every time his major films are released, from the 1994 film “Interview with Vampires” to 2018 “Mission Impossible: Fallout.” This is the tenth time. He succeeded in attracting attention by showing hot fan service to Korean fans every time he visited Korea. He, nicknamed “Kind Uncle Tom,” has even won the title of a Hollywood actor who visited Korea for the first time since the three-year-old Corona pandemic.

“Top Gun: Maverick” is the first sequel in 36 years since “Top Gun” (1986), which made Tom Cruise a world star. Fans who were enthusiastic about “Top Gun” are now middle-aged. To those who are particularly impressed, Tom Cruise said, “You can cry while watching the movie. It’s a movie for all of you. Please enjoy it.”

“There’s always been talk about the sequel. He thought about how to satisfy the audience and considered a lot visually and characteristically. It was a huge burden,” he said. He also thought, “What should the audience do to come back into the ‘Top Gun’ world?” I thought there should be the same character, story, tone, and emotional line. “It’s been 36 years, but I didn’t want to disappoint my fans.”

As it has been prepared for a long time, this movie boasts realistic aircraft action. Tom Cruise and other actors boarded the fighter plane and grabbed the steering wheel themselves. Tom Cruise said, “The first airplane in World War II is my plane. At the end, I flew the plane myself, he said. “I flew other jets myself, showed acrobatics, and if I had wings, I controlled everything.” “It felt like I became a naval pilot rather than a movie,” said Glenn Powell, who also starred with him. “When I got on the plane, everything was our responsibility. When I acted, I had to endure gravity and say my lines. I can’t do this without a Tom Cruise movie.”
“Tom Cruise is like a sponge,” said Jerry Brookheimer, a leading producer on the list of his legendary films. Absorb what is learned. “He’s a better producer than I am,” he said. “He wants the best for everyone. That’s why the best results are also made in camera moving and acting. From storytelling to everything on the screen was made by Tom, he said. “I made the best movie with my best efforts.”

“I’m very interested in life, life and people. The same goes for the entertainment industry. I spent most of my life in a movie set, a mixing studio, an editing room. Movies show everything in my life. The adventures of life, the interactions with the best artists, they always learn from everyone. Also, it is very important for me to go to various places to understand people from history and culture and to put them on the screen. I feel that my passion doesn’t cool down over time and it gets bigger and hotter. He’s always a student and a teacher.” (Tom Cruise) 파워볼사이트

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