TOMORROW X TOGETHER YEONJUN, why did you have to laugh…

TOMORROW X TOGETHER YEONJUN, why did you have to laugh after being hit by trash?


The group TOMORROW X TOGETHER Yeonjun suffered a disaster.

On the 14th, around the online community, witnesses and photos of the time are rapidly spreading that the Fed was hit by trash thrown by the audience while on the stage of “Music Bank in Chile.”

TOMORROW X TOGETHER attended the “Music Bank in Chile” performance at Estadio Monumental in Santiago, Chile, at 8 p.m. on the 12th (local time). However, on the day of the performance, the weather worsened, including unusual heavy rain and hail and lightning, and eventually decided to cancel the performance, and Tomorrow by Together took the stage and apologized to the audience. However, the disgruntled fans who waited for their performance did not only boo but also threw things at the members. The Fed was hit on the back by trash thrown by the audience while turning around after greeting, and was surprised to confirm the situation. It was a dizzying situation that could have been very dangerous if the object thrown at the Fed was at risk of damage, or if it was hit on the head or face, not the back. Nevertheless, Yeon-jun showed his professional spirit coming down from the stage by responding with a smile for his fans until the end.

Yeon-jun’s professional consciousness and love for fans were praised, but the noise surrounding the performance of “Music Bank in Chile” continues.

Fans complained that the organizers pushed ahead with the stage even though it was already raining from the beginning of the performance, and the main characters of THE BOYZ, STAYC Yoon, and (G)I-DLE Shuhua fell heavily on the stage. It is pointed out that there was no consciousness of the artist’s safety. He was also dissatisfied with the fact that the idol group members had to come on stage and apologize to the fans even though the production team had to deal with the situation if the performance was canceled due to sudden bad weather.

Above all, criticism continues over the attitude of Chilean audiences to watch the performance. They say that local fans who visited the concert hall to see K-pop singers’ performances actually disparaged and despised Asians. Fans complained, “Is there any reason to go to racist countries and perform?”

“Music Bank in Chile” said, “During the performance, we stopped the performance to ensure the safety of artists and audiences in consultation with promoters following the recommendation of Chilean authorities due to sudden and unusual heavy rains and hail lightning.” The performance ended with a time to say goodbye safely for the fans. “I’m sorry to the artists and global fans for not finishing the performance due to unexpected weather events,” he said.

“Music Bank” resumed its world tour for the first time in three years in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Chilean performance was hosted by SF9 Ro Woon, and STAYC ATEEZ THE BOYZ TOMORROW X TOGETHER NCT DREAM (G)I-DLE was scheduled to appear.

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